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School Re-opens
For classes Sr.Mont to X
4TH March 2024
Unit Test I – [Classes I to X]& XIIApril 6th to 23rd April,2024
1st Parent teacher meeting 8th June 2024 / 15th June 20248th June 2024 / 15th June 2024
Summer vacationSummer vacation Wednesday 24th April to Tuesday 4th June 2024
School Reopens on Wednesday 5th June 2024
Unit Test II – classes Jr.Mont , Sr.Mont , I to X & XII&
Unit Test – I - Class XI
Sat 22nd June, 2024 to Saturday6thJuly 2024
Quarterly Examinations – classes I to XIIWed 11th Sep to 1st Oct 2024
I term vacation Wed 2nd Oct to Sat 12th Oct 2024
2ndParent teacher meetingSat 19th October 2024
School Reopens on Monday 14th Oct 2024
Unit Test - IIIClass XIIUnit Test - IIIClass XII Sat 23rd Nov to Sat 7th Dec 2024
Unit Test – III Classes V to IX & XI Monday 9th Dec to Saturday 21st Dec 2024
Half Yearly Examinations PI to IV &Class XMonday 9th Dec to Saturday 21st Dec 2024
Class XII Practical ExamsMonday 16th Dec 2024 to Saturday 21st Dec 2024
Christmas VacationTuesday 24th Dec to Wednesday 1st Jan 2025
School Reopens onThursday 2nd Jan 2025
3rd Parent teacher meetingSaturday 11th Jan 2025
Pre Final Exams Class XClass XIISat 11th Jan 2025 to 31st Jan 2025
Mon 6th Jan 2025 to Thu 23rd Jan 2025
Annual Examinations (classes Jr.Mont , Sr.Mont , I to IX & XI)Mon 10th Feb 2025 to Sat 22nd Feb 2025
Sports Day / Annual daySports Day / Annual day Friday 24th Jan 2025 / Saturday 25th Jan 2025

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